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Pink Cruiser is Detroit's one and only pink party bus, and we'd love for you to book our services for your special events in and around the Detroit area! Here are some of our favorite destinations in the Lansing zip codes of 48906, 48933, 48912, and 48917!


When our customers travel to Lansing with our Pink Cruiser party bus, they always ask us where the best place is for pizza. And without fail, we tell them Deluca's. This is the place to go for a really fantastic deep dish, and personally we recommend the spinach filled one! It's just incredible, packed with flavor. If you prefer a meat-filled deep dish, they've certainly got you covered there too. The salads are really fresh and delicious, and they're a great option for the vegan and vegetarian crowds. The thing that we enjoy most about this restaurant is that it really feels more like a bar, and in fact it's a great spot to relax with your friends or that special date any night of the week. A true all around classic in Lansing!
2006 West Willow Street


Sawyer's Gourmet Pancakes is such an essential stop when you're in Lansing. The different types of pancakes that they offer here are just such a thrilling experience for your tastebuds! It's a breakfast lover's paradise. Our favorites are the banana pecan pancakes, and we also really enjoy the peanut butter banana french toast, as well as the strawberry french toast. If you're there for lunch and you just aren't in the mood for breakfast food, why not try their delicious hamburgers and sweet potato fries? That's always a great option. The prices can be a bit high here, especially when compared to other breakfast places, but you of course realize that you're getting much more than the average breakfast here! You'll love it.
608 West Saginaw Street


When you're seeking a really delicious breakfast in Lansing, we would feel very comfortable steering you towards Golden Harvest. Our personal favorite, which is a little too wild for some, is the Fruity Pebbles french toast! You certainly aren't going to find that elsewhere, and needless to say, the kids go crazy for it. They've got everything from the classics to some really unusual offerings, and that means that everybody is covered, including yourself, older family members, and your kids. Whether you're dining as a family, as a couple, or as a solo breakfast-goer, you will certainly enjoy every morsel here, and you won't pay too much for it either! It's tough to pick a top favorite for breakfast in this area, but this is one!
1625 Turner Street


Soup Spoon Cafe is another one of the most beloved restaurants in Lansing, this one located on East Michigan Avenue. We often come in for breakfast, especially for the simple classics like eggs and toast. They do it so well. Lunch and dinner is just heaven here, especially if you order some of that fantastic seafood chowder. We've never had it this good before! And the signature cocktail that we always recommend to everybody is the Dark & Stormy. Most places just have the old standards so it's nice to see a selection of signature drinks, especially when they are made so well and not overly sweet. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend any item on the menu to you! Everything that they serve here is exquisite.
1419 East Michigan Avenue


Craving Mexican food when traveling with our Pink Cruiser? Pablo's Panaderia is the top notch Mexican restaurant that we recommend to all our friends and customers alike. While we wouldn't call this upscale, it is on a higher level than most Mexican eateries in Michigan, and we find that it's just perfect for casual dates with someone new or your significant other. Our top favorite item here is the simplest -- the tacos! We love them with delicious spicy chorizo, zesty carne asada, or perfectly cooked chicken or pork. No matter what fillings you choose, you can be sure that those tacos are always top notch! The service is really fantastic here, with the kind of staff that really goes out of their way to make sure that you're happy too!
311 East Grand River Avenue


Another one of our favorite establishments for delicious Mexican food is El Oasis, and this one is just a small stand located on East Michigan Avenue. We typically order the sopes here, and we also really enjoy the pork tacos. They have amazing burritos that you can have filled with carne asada or even spicy chorizo. Please note that they're known for their green sauce, so make sure to order some of that with whatever else you get. They have mandarin Jarritos here too, which are the perfect complement to any Mexican meal, if you ask us! Note that their hours are only until five on Sundays, and until seven every other day of the week. We wish they were open later too, but it's definitely worth getting there early!
2501 East Michigan Avenue


We're always seeking out great Irish pubs no matter where we go, and since we discovered Claddagh Irish Pub on Towne Centre Boulevard in Lansing, we have been hooked! The monte cristo is our favorite thing to order here, followed very closely by the fish and chips. Just delish. For a healthful and delicious lunch, we'd recommend the steak salad! Kids and adults alike both enjoy the meatloaf melt and the chicken tenders! They're kind of known for their fabulous Irish coffees, so even if you typically opt for a beer or a whiskey, you'll do very well to try at least one of those fabulous whipped cream topped masterpieces! As youc an tell, we're huge fans. Everything here is great, including the service. Top notch!
2900 Towne Centre Boulevard


For a nicer restaurant in Lansing, Troppo is our first choice. You can't walk into this one wearing just anything, so make sure that you're in your best attire and ready for a really elegant time. We love to start things off with the butternut squash soup, and the portabello mushroom appetizer is also a very nice starter. They're known for their mandarin martinis, so that's nice either before or after dinner too. For a group, we recommend sharing the white chicken pizza. Always good, and so many steps up from the other pizzas that you will find in town! The people who work here are really attentive to their customers, and we have never had anything but a wonderful experience here. We're certain that you will too!
101 South Washington Square


When you're traveling with Pink Cruiser party bus, if you happen to have a craving for some delicious Thai food, we'd point you straight toward Lamai's Kitchen. This is the most reliable place to get the amazing flavors of Thailand, including all your favorite soups like tom yum, all your favorite noodle dishes like pad thai, and all  your favorite appetizers like spring rolls! We're also huge fans of their stuffed eggplant. What makes this even better is that it's a lunch buffet, so you can fill up on the cheap, and eat until you're full. Please note that the bay leaves can be sharp in the soups, so be sure to remove them before eating. Truly a very high quality restaurant, with the kind of great staff that makes the entire experience so nice.
2033 East Michigan Avenue


We don't ordinarily recommend chain restaurants, simply for the reason that everybody already knows about them, but PF Chang's is one of our exceptions. Why? Because the atmosphere is just perfect for fun dates and for nights out with the family. Plus, the food is so delicious! We are in love with all their indulgent noodle dishes, and we also love the green tea noodles that you can order as a side. The sesame encrusted ahi tuna is always a nice starter too, and everybody that we know is hooked on their lettuce wraps (chicken or vegetarian). They've got lots of healthier options here too, plus a gluten free menu for those who need it. You'll be surprised that the flavor is exactly the same. Highly recommended!
2425 Lake Lansing Road

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