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Pink Cruiser is Detroit's one and only pink party bus, and we'd love for you to book our services for your special events in and around the Detroit area! Here are some of our favorite destinations in the Flint zip codes of 48503, 48506, 48507, and 48532!


So many people recommended Empress of China to us over the years, saying that it was one of the best restaurants in the city, not just counting Chinese restaurants, and we finally had to head over there and check it out. We're happy to say that they were right! The lunch specials are one of the cheapest ways to dine when you're in this area, and yet you really fill up and feel so satisfied. We recommend the signature Princess Chicken the most, and we also really enjoy the China Town Special. If you want something a little more classic and traditional, the almond chicken or the moo goo gai pan are nice choices as well. The service is really excellent and the ambiance is so comfortable too. Very highly recommended!
2320 South Dort Highway


There are many different styles of coneys to enjoy in this state and in the ones that surround it all the way to New York itself, but if you aren't yet familiar with a Flint coney, then you have got to make it a priority to stop at this restaurant! Rather than the standard chili, a Flint coney is piled high with delicious meat sauce that's been simmering all day. So good! We also love the hamburgers here and we're certain that you will too. The french fries are the perfect complement to those amazing coneys and hamburgers, and to get a complete trio, you've got to have one of the delicious milkshakes. Wow, are they ever good! Everything here is top notch including the service. One of our highest recommendations in Flint!
1807 North Franklin Avenue


Whenever you crave Japanese food in Flint, you know that you can rely on Sagano Japanese Bistro. We've been here so many times over the years and they never disappoint. Our absolute favorite dish is From Russia With Love, and we really recommend that you give it a try next time you're there. The perfect starter is the miso soup and salad, and of course no matter what you order you've got to get some of that delicious hot green tea. They have both teppanyaki style food and sushi here, so both bases are covered, and their selection of sushi rolls is quite impressive too. Try the dynamite roll or the doublecrunch roll if you want something really explosive! So good! Great service and very comfy atmosphere too!
2065 South Linden Road


Halo Burger is one of the classics of Flint, with that old fashioned atmosphere that everybody loves so much. Our favorite thing is the Greek burger, and we'd venture to say that it's the best Greek burger that you'll find in the area too. The thing that makes the difference is that the burgers are not pre-cut. Pure old fashioned style goodness here, so you never have to settle for any less. Their french fries are probably the best that you can find in Flint, and the Boston Coolers are the perfect complement to an already amazing meal. We could go on and on about the quality here, but you've really got to walk on in and give it a try for yourself. Conveniently located on East Court Street, you cannot beat this for a great burger!
3805 East Court Street


We are real lovers of a great steak and a beer, and when we are craving that combination in Flint, we always know that we can rely on Redwood Lodge. The selection of beer is just incredible, and if you're not sure what you want you can always order the sampler. They've got flights of both scotch and tequila too, so if you want to broaden your horizons with something different, those are excellent choices. We recommend the house salad for starters, which includes delicious gorgonzola cheese, dried cherries, and tasty walnuts. For your meal, if you're not opting for a sensational steak, go for the porter fish and chips. That's the Redwood Lodge special and you won't believe how incredibly flavorful it is. It's just too good!
5304 Gateway Center Drive


Sandwich lovers, please take note! If you're in Flint and craving something really memorable, Hoffman's Deco Deli is the place for you. Note that if it's winter time, you will want to get there well before 5:00PM because they often close that early when the weather is cold. We wish their hours weren't cut so short in the winter, but their big business seems to be on the warmer days so we can understand that. The claim to fame here is that the sandwiches are so huge and flavorful, and the thing that makes all the difference is that it's locally owned and run by people who really care. That's all too rare nowadays. Don't skip the brownies for dessert, because they are just too fantastic! Highly recommended any day!
503 Garland Street


We're big fans of a great diner, and Mega Classic Diner definitely fits the bill. Our favorite thing here is actually the chili curry fries, and though that's not on the menu they have always been happy to make them on request. We highly recommend them! Wow, that flavor. Of course they've got all your diner style favorites, like hamburgers, french fries, hot dogs, salads, etc. The salads in particular are really fresh and crisp, and we have always enjoyed their Flint style coneys piled high with meat sauce. All of the portions here are really big so you can definitely get full on the cheap! Anytime you want a great meal that won't break the bank, just head over to Mega Classic Diner in Flint! Don't miss it.
4462 Corunna Road


Are you traveling with Pink Cruiser in Flint, MI and craving some really mouth wateringly good Mediterranean cuisine? Taboon at the Valley is the restaurant that you need to familiarize yourself with. We love all the vegetarian options on the menu, especially the falafel and grilled veggies. Just incredible flavor. The lentil soup is a great starter, and the rice with almonds is always a nice light complement to your meal too. The chicken tawook with lemon is our favorite entree, hands down, and the garlic sauce is just amazing here. Take note, sitting by the brick oven is a particular delight, so try to do that next time you're there! Very pleasant, and overall charming atmosphere too. A friendly staff makes all the difference.
3393 South Linden Road


White Horse Tavern is one of the most comfortable places in Flint to grab a great meal and a beer. For a low key night with friends, you can't go wrong with some salads and some pizza, that nice crisp and sizzling combination that everybody loves. Note that the pizzas are half price on the weekends, can't beat that! We're also huge fans of their stromboli, as well as the fish and chips, and even their breakfasts! You have not lived until you have a great breakfast with pint of Guinness alongside it. Now that's what we're talking about! You won't find a friendlier staff anywhere in the city, and it would be tough to find a better place to sit in the wintertime than in front of their roaring fireplace. Gotta love it.
621 West Court Street


There are several Salvatore Scallopini restaurants in Michigan, and though they can be somewhat inconsistent, we're happy to say that this particular location in Flint is always out of this world. The quality never varies, and is always top notch. What makes all the difference is the homemade pasta, just like back in the day, and yet the prices are very affordable and the portions are huge. We love the past polo pepperoni the best, and the eggplant parm is always a nice choice too. The bread with olive oil and spices is the perfect beginning to a meal here. Though the decor isn't much to write about, it's nice to have a casual option for really good Italian food, especially after a long day of hard work!
3227 Miller Road

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