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A Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party is a once in a lifetime occasion! And when it comes to Detroit sweet sixteen parties, Pink Cruiser is the expert at providing the kind of transportation that both you and your teens will be ecstatic about! Why? Well, for starters we can get your teens wherever they need to go safely and reliably. Every sixteen year old is thrilled to drive alone for the first time on their birthdays, but when it comes to piling in the car with their friends, it's a very distracting day to be driving. Our professional chauffeurs can give them a great time on the road while keeping them completely safe. And on their end, they'll feel completely pampered and luxurious, thanks to the plush leather seating, high quality audio systems, flat screen televisions, and much more. It's a win-win situation for both parents and their teenagers!

Having a special party at home? Our service are perfect for drop-offs & pickups of all your teen's best friends and family too! You might think that if your teen is having their sweet sixteen birthday party at home, that you won't have any need for party bus transportation services. On the contrary, having a party bus pick up and drop off all the family and friends that will be attending is one of the best conveniences in the world. The teens won't have to get their parents to drop of them off, and if they'd normally be driving themselves, you don't have to worry about the problem of distracted teen driving, texting while driving, or all the other teen pitfalls that we hear about on the news each night. In fact, the interior of our party buses is so fun, you could actually have the party on the road if you wanted to! The choice is yours, but you can be sure that party bus travel is an excellent addition to any party night, including but definitely not limited to Detroit sweet sixteen parties!

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Perfect for summer! There are so many great summery things to do in the Detroit area, and all of them are perfect for your teen's sweet sixteen party. If you want to go old school, you could plan a drive-in movie at Ford-Wyoming Drive-In Theater (interestingly this is part of the largest drive-in theater in the world!), a stop at one of Detroit's historic diners like Lafayette Coney Island or American Coney Island (located conveniently next to each other on Lafayette Boulevard), and then head out to a teen club or even back home for an old fashioned dance party. Many teens really love this idea. For a daytime party you may want to opt for a fun day at the water park, such as Red Oaks Water Park in Madison Heights. Our customers have had nothing but great times there! You can use your own judgment on what your teens will enjoy, but no matter what you plan, you can be sure that Pink Cruiser party bus transportation is an essential.

Our party buses are prefect in the winter, too. The idea of your teens navigating the icy Michigan roads in the middle of winter can be frightening, so why not treat your sweet sixteen teen with the winter birthday to a party bus trip instead? Then they can rely on our professional chauffeurs to navigate the roads with safety and care, all the while having an amazing time on the bus while they travel to their destination or destinations. They might like to head out to Campus Martius in downtown Detroit for some ice skating, or to any one of the great skiing locations in our state! We suggest Pine Knob in Clarkston, Alpine Valley in White Lake, Mt Holly in Holly, Apple Mountain in Freeland, or Snow Snake Ski & Golf in Harrison. Hanson Hills Recreation Area in Grayling is fantastic if you want to go a little further up north. Please note that trips more than 50 miles outside of the Detroit area may be subject to additional fees, but we will discuss that with you when you plan your trip.

The Perks of Our Party Buses

The things that keep our customers calling back time and time again for their own adult parties as well as for their teens' birthday parties are the features of our buses. No other party bus company in Detroit offers such high quality perks, and we are in fact currently the only pink party bus in Detroit! Of course teen girls love to travel on a pink party bus, and to brag to all their friends at school about it the next day! Inside the bus you will find comfortable leather seating, high quality wood flooring, LED and fiber optic lighting, flat screen televisions, high quality audio systems, built-in bars and coolers that you can stock with sports drinks and sodas for your kids (or wine, beer, and liquor for adult parties of your own!). There's no doubt that this is the most exciting way to travel in Metro Detroit... and you won't have to worry about traffic or parking either!

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If you're ready to show your daughter or that special teen in your life that they are worthy of a truly once in a lifetime birthday party, especially for their Detroit sweet sixteen party, then just give us a call at 248-630-5605. Our staff is experienced at putting together the perfect travel plans for any party, and we'll be able to determine which bus is right for you based on the number of passengers and your personal preferences. The earlier that you call, the better selection of buses you will have, and all it takes to secure yours is to make a quick credit card deposit over the phone. We also accept PayPal, and even cash and checks. We look forward to hearing from you and making your teen's Detroit sweet sixteen birthday party an unforgettable success!