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Your daughter's Quinceanera, often also known as Fiesta de Quinceanera or more plainly simply a quince, is one of the most special moments in her life, and you don't want to take any chances when it comes to planning the transportation for this special event. Pink Cruiser understands your Detroit Quinceanera transportation needs, and we'd love to help you plan this big day. You can think of a Quinceanera as a more formal version of a sweet sixteen party with a Latin American twist! On this once in a lifetime occasion, a young girl's family celebrates her transition from being a child to being a young woman. When you are the one responsible for planning such an important day, you know that everything needs to be special and unique, right down to the transportation.

Travel needs can be complicated for Detroit Quinceaneras...let Pink cruiser take the worry & concernt out of the day!

Depending on how religious the family is, the event may include services at a church, dining at a restaurant or banquet center, and a formal dance at that banquet center or hall. It is difficult to coordinate the transportation for so many people at the same time, so why not trust Pink Cruiser with your travel needs? Your daughter can travel on the bus with you and her closest family members, as many as thirty in one bus, and you may rent additional buses if needed for still more family members. Let's talk more about planning Detroit Quinceaneras and making this special day memorable.

The essential elements of a Quinceanera...

Depending on what country your family hails from, your Quinceanera traditions can vary dramatically. A traditional Mexican Quinceanera often begins with a church mass and includes a formal entry, a toast, a waltz with the chambelanes, a family waltz, a general waltz, and a special song. Some families take part in rituals such as La Ultima Muneca (the ritual of the last doll), or the ritual of the shoe, the former which involves the last toy of the girl's life and the latter which involves changing shoes from flats to high heels. The birthday girl often wears a very beautiful dress and sophisticated makeup, with this sometimes being the first time that she wears makeup. Again, the elements of your family's Quinceaneras may vary from this depending on your heritage. For instance, a Cuban Quinceanera would include a choreographed group dance, and if your family hails from Argentina, Paraguay, or Uruguay, it might include the fifteen candle ceremony and a ribbon ceremony. Each Quinceanera has its own special qualities.

What are the main benefits of renting our pink party bus for your daughter's Quinceanera in Detroit?

As we mentioned, for the girl who is having her Quinceanera in Detroit, the biggest benefit is that she can travel with her closest family members comfortably in one vehicle. For you, the parent or guardian, the biggest benefit is safety and protection. You don't have to worry about the qualitifcations of a driver, because we don't hire mere drivers, we hire professional chauffeurs. Our vehicles are insured to the maximum extent allowed by law, as much as five million dollars, and all of our licenses and permits are kept current. Our buses are non-smoking so they are always fresh and clean, and you will not find a smoother or more comfortable ride anywhere in Detroit.

The most exciting features on our pink party buses are...

If you're wondering what the best features of our pink party buses are, we'd love to tell you a few of them! Of course the features vary from bus to bus, since we have different vehicles to accommodate anywhere from sixteen to thirty passengers, but these factors remain more or less the same, with the quality and quantity of features increasing with the size of the bus. The standard features that you'll find in all of our buses are premium leather seating that wraps around the bus for easy conversation with all your quinceanera guests, beautiful fiber optic and/or LED lighting that casts a modern glow around the entire bus, flatscreen televisions to watch DVDs while you're on the road and/or to watch live television when the bus is parked with our exciting HD antennas! Our buses all feature either acrylic or granite topped bars, some with lighting, and all with built-in coolers. We provide ice and cups, so all you need to do is bring refreshments. Some buses feature color changing walls and ceilings! Our buses really do have it all, so you can enjoy yourself and continue the celebration while you're on the road. Let our professional chauffeurs worry about traffic and parking while you relax!

Booking your Pink Cruiser party bus for Detroit Quinceaneras

You'll be surprised at how easy it is to book your Pink Cruiser party bus for your Detroit Quinceanera! At its simplest, all it takes is a phone call to 248-630-5605 and a fast credit card deposit over the phone. If you like a little more control over the process, and would like to choose the bus yourself, you can come down to our lot and take a look at the vehicles that are available to choose from. You can walk through them and try out all the luxurious features, and find out more about our safety checks and inspections, our insurance policies, and the endless background checks, driving record checks, drug tests, and driving tests that we put our professional chauffeurs through before and during their employment. You'll quickly see that our company is the safest and most reliable in Detroit. We can't wait to hear from you! Just give us a call now at 248-630-5605 and we can begin planning transportation for your Quinceanera.

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