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One of the most fun things to do in the Metro Detroit area is to attend a concert! There are so many different concert venues in our area, with the biggest and best known being The Palace of Auburn Hills, The Fox Theatre, DTE Energy Music Theatre (formerly known as Pine Knob), Comerica Park, Ford Field, and The Fillmore (formerly known as The State Theatre). It's rare for a top selling act to skip Detroit when they are touring, because we have some of the greatest venues around, with many artists naming DTE and The Palace as their favorite places to play. When you've got a concert or event coming up, we hope that you'll consider Pink Cruiser for your travel needs! Let's talk about some of the possibilities when you hire party bus services for your night out!

Get wild, party hard, and never have to worry about driving! Your designated driver is our professional chauffeur.

At many concerts in the Metro Detroit area, they serve alcohol. Typically you're the one who drove to the event, and after you've had a few beers or cocktails, you have to decide between leaving your car at the venue and taking a taxi home, or gauging whether or not you're sober enough to drive home! And that's a terrible decision to have to make, especially when you may be a considerable distance from your home. With Pink Cruiser party bus, our chauffeurs take care of the driving concerns, plus you don't have to pay for parking or worry about finding your car after the event! When the concert is over, you can head out to the bars or just cruise around keeping the party on the road. And you can even begin the party early in the day, traveling around in the hours before the concert to your favorite bars and restaurants. Now that's luxury!

Enjoy the ability to travel with all your friends and family in the same veihcles -- Nobody gets lost, nobody runs out of gas! And you don't have to worry about giving everybody directions either.

Usually when you have a large group of people traveling together, as is often the case with concerts, you all travel in separate vehicles, trying to follow each other on the freeway, and often somebody gets lost. Somebody else has to stop to refill the tank. And of course you have to make sure that everybody's got the right directions to get there, especially if you need to be there at a certain time. All those concerns go right out the window when you're traveling in our Pink Cruiser party bus! You can travel with as few as sixteen passengers or as many as thirty, and all in style and comfort. You can enjoy great conversation on the way to the event, and it makes the travel time feel like party time! Everybody arrives at the same time, nobody's late, nobody's lost. And you enjoy the comfort of knowing that everybody will get home safe too. If you rented the bus for everybody else, they'll love you to death. If you split the cost between everybody, you'll save a bundle. Either way it's a win-win situation for Detroit concerts!

Party like a's your own personal tour bus!

If the rockstars that you are going to see perform travel in style on their own personal tour buses, then why shouldn't you? Our Pink Cruiser party buses are even more luxurious than some of those tour buses that you'll see pulling up to the venue. Our buses feature premium leather seating that's incredibly comfortable, arranged in a wraparound layout so that you can easiliy converse with your guests... built-in bars with coolers and lighting so you can be the bartender with ease (just bring your own drinks, we provide ice and cups!)... gorgeous LED and fiber-optic lighting schemes to really set the mood and provide a relaxing and intimate atmosphere... private VIP areas in some of our larger buses so that you can get the privacy and space that you need... dark tinted windows for complete privacy on the road... and even flat-screen hi-def televisions with both DVD players for when the bus is in motion and HD antennas to pull in live broadcasts when the bus isn't moving. You have everything you need on board.

No matter what music artist you're going to see, Pink Cruiser will make your trip a part of the entertainment

It doesn't matter if you're going to see some of Detroit's favorite artists like Kid Rock or Eminem, or some of the biggest acts in the universe like the Rolling Stones or U2. You might be going to a smaller concert at a cozy venue with just a few hundred seats, to a tiny bar with an undiscovered band playing, to the largest concerts in the area at The Palace of Auburn Hills! Regardless of the destination, let the ride there become a part of it. With color changing lighting schemes, stripper poles, high quality audio systems and flat screen televisions, and more, our Pink Cruiser Detroit party buses are like a private VIP room on wheels! Some of our customers have said they don't even want to leave the bus to go into the concert, it's so comfortable and luxurious. We can't wait to serve both your travel needs and your comfort and entertainment needs on the road!

Booking your party bus is as easy as placing a quick call

When you're ready to talk about booking a party bus for your night at a hot Detroit concert, all you've got to do is give us a call at 248-630-5605. You can come down to our lot and take a look at each bus if you like, or you can just trust our crew to choose the perfect bus for your needs. It's what they do best! A quick credit card deposit over the phone is all it takes to secure the bus for the day and/or night that you desire, and then you can rest assured knowing that your travel needs have been taken care of. We can't wait to hear from you and make your Detroit concert trip a success!

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