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Pink Cruiser is Detroit's one and only pink party bus, and we'd love for you to book our services for your special events in and around the Detroit area! Here are some of our favorite destinations in the Saint Clair Shores zip code of 48080!


You can never go wrong with an amazing meal at Shogun Japanese & Chinese Bistro in St Clair Shores! We have dined at this restaurant so many times, and we've never had a bad experience. The sushi is just incredible, made from the highest quality sashimi possible, and crafted with true excellence from the kind of sushi chefs who really know their stuff. You'll love all the rolls, the delicious soups and salads, the items that are cooked on the hibachi grill, and of course the delicious cocktails that are just perfect for sipping when you are so near to the beautiful shoreline. What more can we say about this wonderful Japanese and Chinese restaurant? They really do have it all!
23195 Marter Road


The Mexican food that you will taste at Rojo is just incredible. We've never had better guacamole than the freshly prepared mix that they serve at this restaurant. We love to have the delicious warm chips with both salsa and guacamole for the perfect combination of creamy, spicy, and crunchy! So good. We typically opt for the fajitas with seafood because somehow the proximity to the St Clair shoreline makes us crave delicious seafood, and the quailty of those fajitas is just out of htis world. You'll really enjoy noshing on the rice and beans at this restaurant, we'd call them comfort food, they're so good! And for dessert we think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the tiramisu that they serve for dessert! Nice touch!
24026 Jefferson Avenue


Waves Chill & Grill takes the top spot as far as we're concerned, and to tell you the truth it's one of our favorite restaurants in all of Michigan. Any seafood lovers will feel right at home here, with the tiki bar inspired vibe and the incredible dishes that incorporate plenty of fish, shellfish, and tropical flavors. The blue fish bowl drink for two is one of our favorite things to share, and we really love the salads with berries and nuts. They've got great live bands that play here on weekend evenings, and it really makes for a rocking good time. They play classic hits that everybody loves. You can choose to sit in a comfy booth for dinner or sit at the bar for some cocktails! We just love this place so much and recommend it highly!
24223 Jefferson Avenue


Did you think you could only find Pegasus Taverna in Greektown in downtown Detroit? Well, you were wrong! You can also find it right here in St Clair Shores right along the water. We love coming here for all their Greek delicacies, including delicious moussaka, flaming saganaki, and their famous zucchini appetizer that's a hit with all their customers. The atmosphere is very cozy and clean, and the people who work here are always so nice and happy to see us when we come in. We always recommend this restaurant to our customers because it's a very convenient stop when you're in the area, and no matter what you order here, it's so filling and affordable. We're positive that you'll enjoy your time at this cozy dining establishment!
24935 Jefferson Avenue


Achatz Burgers is one of the most classic and most beloved restaurants in all of St Clair Shores, and because of that you will often face a decently long wait, to say the least. However, brave the lines and have some patience, because the reward at the end is just incredible. You won't find better burgers than this anywhere! They are so moist, juicy, and flavorful, that you don't need to slather them in too many condiments or toppings at all. The flavor is all there in the burger itself. True high quality at its best. If you're a wing lover, they've got great ones here too, and fantastic cajun fries that will really knock your socks off. If you hate bland food and love flavorful classic burgers and fries, Achatz Burgers is for you!
24605 Jefferson Avenue


When our customers ask us where to get a great pizza in St Clair Shores, we love to recommend Dan Good Pizza because they always get a kick out of the name! Of course it takes more than a clever name to make a good pizzeria, and we wouldn't recommend this place if they didn't have the right stuff! You can get whole pies or just get it by the slice, and that is so perfect for party bus travel on the Pink Cruiser. Our customers are especially big fans of the buffalo chicken deep dish pizza, and that's the one that we love the best too. They've even got such great toppings as portobella mushrooms and gorgonzola cheese here! Now that's what we're talking about! Very highly recommended to any pizza lovers out there!
23411 Greater Mack Avenue


One of the more upscale restaurants in the Saint Clair Shores area, and also one of the hidden gems, is Ardmore Cafe. Why hidden? Because it's tucked away on a side street away from the main strip, so many visitors don't even know about it. The cafe is actually within an old Victorian manor, and that's the kind of historic feeling that you just can't create. It has to be natural, and it is. It's truly beautiful at this location, and you can even enjoy the other shops within the old home before or after your meal. You can grab lunch here Monday through Saturday, but note that dinner is only served on Thursdays and Fridays. You may want to bring a bottle of wine with you for one dollar per person corkage fee. You'll love it!
26717 Little Mack Avenue


Mediterranean food in St Clair Shores? You bet. We can always steer you to the good stuff. You can find this kebab heaven at Athenian Shish-Ka-Bob! It's located on Harper Avenue, a little off the beaten path, and you can find such great Mediterranean, Greek, and American favorites at this restaurant as souvlaki, stuffed peppers, Greek salads, club sandwiches, and even delicious breakfast fare! They seemingly have it all, and they do it all so very well. The menu is very similar to most coney island fare, but the ingredients are higher quality and that makes all the difference. The people who work here are so friendly too and they keep the restaurant so sparkling clean. Very highly recommended anytime you're in the area.
23010 Harper Avenue


Ram's Horn Restaurant, being one of the few restaurants in our state that's open all night, is always a crowd favorite when it comes to getting some good grub after the bar. It's also perfect for party bus travel because you can stop in any time! Our favorite item on the menu has always been the country omelette, and we also love the super burrito, and the club sandwiches too! The coffee is always piping hot and the waitstaff always comes around to give you a warm up just when you need it. They always have the standard half and half to use as creamer, or you can go with the flavored creamers like hazelnut or Irish cream. Always good after a night out at the bar! You can always grab a great meal and coffee here anytime.
23815 Jefferson Avenue


Dockside Jack's has always been a favorite of ours, located along the water on Jefferson Avenue. We love coming in for the delicious cowboy steak and fries, and lots of delicious drinks. You pay a premium price here because of the prime spot on the water, but the food is also higher quality so we never mind that. They have such a nice atmosphere too, with a bit of a tiki bar slant but without being too over the top, so you feel like you've made a bit of an escape without having to go too far out of the area. Very nice. The people who work here really make all the difference as far as we are concerned, working hard to make sure that your needs are met, and that you have everything you want. Top notch and then some!
24214 Jefferson Avenue

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