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Pink Cruiser is Detroit's one and only pink party bus, and we'd love for you to book our services for your special events in and around the Detroit area! Here are some of our favorite destinations in the Southfield zip codes of 48034, 48075, and 48076!


Many times when our customers are traveling through Southfield or just passing through the Southfield area, a nice deli sandwich just sounds so good. They ask our chauffeurs what the best place is for a deli sandwich, and nine times out of ten they recommend Star Delicatessen! This is your most reliable place to go for an amazing reuben, or for a great smoked turkey sandwich, and of course some of their famous potato salad. The creamy texture is just out of this world, and you will not find better taste than that. Their pickles are also fantastic, and nothing goes better with a deli sandwich than some crispy chips! Mmm. This is a tiny deli with no seating, so it's perfect for party bus travel! Just eat on the bus!
24555 West 12 Mile Road


When you're craving a delicious gourmet thin crust pizza in Southfield, we'd most highly recommend Pizzeria Biga to you! Their thin crust pizza with duck, prosciutto, pancetta, and artichoke hearts is without a doubt our favorite thing on the menu. We've had that so many times. The farm egg pizza is something else that you certainly won't find elsewhere. And their salads are equally out of this world, pairing so well with the hot fresh pizza. They cook the pizzas in a wood fired oven, and they use wild yeast here, and we believe that's what really makes the difference in the quality of the pies. The service is fantastic and the ambiance is some of the best that you'll find in thsi town. Very highly recommended!
29110 Franklin Road


Many of our customers ask us if they can get good soul food anywhere in Southfield, and the answer to that question is: You bet! We're so in love with Beans & Cornbread restaurant, and we recommend that you give it a try next time you're in the area! The sweet potato muffins are the thing that we always start off with, and how about those salmon croquettes? These aren't things that you will find at all other soul food restaurants either, and it's nice to have a variety like this. The shrimp and grits is one of our favorite combos on the menu, and you cannot go wrong with a huge hearty serving of their deliciously creamy macaroni and cheese. Wow. That flavor is just so unforgettable. One of our favorite restaurants of all time!
29508 Northwestern Highway


Five Guys Burgers and Fries is becoming so popular everywhere you go, and this location in Southfield was the first one that we had the pleasure of visiting. The ambiance is a cross between an old fashioned hamburger joint and a modern restaurant, but the real focus here is on the food. The hamburgers are just amazing, huge with double patties (you can order a single if you like, but we recommend going "whole hog" as they say!). The french fries with malt vinegar are excellent, and we're big fans of their bacon cheese dogs too. Theyr'e always busy so you know that the food is superbly fresh, and no matter what time of day you come in, you can get a really fantastic meal at a price that won't break the bank!
24548 Twelve Mile Road


Sweet Lorraine's Cafe is the first place that comes to mind when Pink Cruiser customers ask us where to find great comfort food in Southfield! The food is just out of this world at this restaurant. The pecan waffles are our top choice for true comfort food, and the apple brown betties are definitely something to write home about too! Believe it or not, they've got great burgers for the vegetarian crowd here, as well as the real deal, and they even serve some great alcoholic beverages that pair perfectly with all the entrees and desserts. You'll love this place as much as we do, without a doubt. Great service, cozy ambiance, and a menu of delights that is unequaled by any other dining establishment in the area. Enough said.
29101 Greenfield Road


Thai food is such a great thing to enjoy when you are on a party bus trip, and when you find yourself in Southfield, Cafe Thai is the most reliable place to get yourself some true Thailand style grub. Yum yum yum. We can't get enough. Note that this is one of the smaller restaurants on this list, so you should either come early or just take the food with you on the bus! All the classics are top notch here, including the pad thai and the tom yum, and we also love the chicken satay and the spring rolls. They have so many delicious dishes made with coconut milk and curry, and those are always our favorites. The people who work here really go out of their way to make sure the customer is happy, and that's why we recommend it so highly!
28647 Northwestern Highway


There are not many Ethiopian restaurants left in Michigan, and we are so happy that Taste of Ethiopia is going strong here in Southfield so that we can enjoy those wonderful flavors as often as possible. This style of food is straight from the Horn of Africa, and if you haven't had the pleasure of trying it yet, we would very strongly recommend that you include this restaurnant in your party bus travel plans! We have enjoyed just about everything on the menu, including the awaze tibs, the injera, the red lentils, and of course the caramel plantain dessert that everybody goes so wild for. The siga we't is something that we have also enjoyed many times. Great service and a very memorable experience for groups!
29702 Southfield Road


If you love Korean food, you really owe it to yourself to check out New Seoul Garden next time you are in Southfield. We have been aware of this restaurant's existence for a couple of decades now, so it's definitely been going strong for at least a while! And everyone that we know really loves it. The yookeh jang beef soup is our favorite thing to start off with, and the dubokki rice cakes are just amazing. If you're a lover of bibimbap like we are, then you must try it here, and you can also enjoy all your favorite sushi. The tabletop barbecue is the most fun way to dine, and the service here is superb no matter what kind of meal you order. Huge portions too! Much larger than what you'll find at other Korean restaurants.
27566 Northwestern Highway


If you love great food and delicious microbrews, be sure to head over to Copper Canyon Brewery next time you're in the area. We've been coming here for quite some time now and we really love it. Their sandwiches are the thing that we can never seem to get past, and their stout pairs so perfectly with any one of them! If you're a lover of house made chips, you will love theirs, and you will also go crazy for their whipped sweet potatoes and whiskey barbecued salmon! Wow. We could go on and on about the great things on the menu, but really what we recommend is that you just head on over there and give it a try for yourself. Amazing food, great service, and the kind of ambiance that is all to hard to find nowadays. Top notch!
27522 Northwestern Highway


Craving fine Italian food in Southfield? You'd be hard pressed to find a better place than Bacco Ristorante. Many of our friends have insisted that this is the best Italian food in the entire area surrounding Detroit, and after having many wonderful meals there ourselves, we agree. The salads are a particular highlight thanks to the fact that they use delicious ingredients like artichoke hearts and oil of truffle. So good. If you're a lover of calamari but prefer it sauteed rather than fried, you'll be especially excited about their appetizer. What's our top recommendation for an entree? Definitely the spaghetti with mussels. You can't go wrong with that. True comfort food at its best. Incredible desserts too! Save some room!
29410 Northwestern Highway

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