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Pink Cruiser is Detroit's one and only pink party bus, and we'd love for you to book our services for your special events in and around the Detroit area! Here are some of our favorite destinations in the Port Huron zip code of 48060!


For those who really love their pizza, and want to watch the chefs toss the dough like true professionals, you have got to check out Pompeii's Pizzeria in Port Huron! We just love this place. Not only do they have amazing pizza, but they also have all your favorite Italian fare including some truly mouth watering pasta. Wow. We love to come here for dates and for get togethers with friends and family, and when the weather is good it's so nice to sit on the outdoor patio. When it's chilly outside, indoors is just as cozy as it can get. Especially when you pair your meal with some soul-warming wine, to bring a flush to your cheeks and to complement your meal so perfectly! Wonderful service and ambiance too.
1120 Military Street


When traveling with Pink Cruiser in Port Huron, you can't find a better taste of Thailand than at Bangkok Star. This is so incredibly authentic in comparison to most Thai restaurants in Michigan, and you just won't believe the great flavor. The chicken basil fried rice is one of our favorite things to order here, and you can never go wrong with the signature dish, Bangkok chicken. They've also got plenty of beef dishes and vegetarian dishes available, so you can really customize your dining experience to your preferences. The dishes that are not spicy are listed separately on the menu so you can avoid the spicy ones if you prefer, or head straight for them if you are a hot and spicy lover like us! You'll love it!
421 Beers Street


The Vintage Tavern is a very classic place to dine and drink, very nicely decorated and so comfortable for those nights when you just want to go out somewhere relaxing. Sometimes the loud boisterous restaurants of today just won't do. We love to start things off (or sometimes finish off the meal!) with a wonderful chocolate martini, and for a real appetizer you can't go wrong with a cup or bowl of their famous pickle soup. The fresh fish is one of our favorite options for an entree, and they also have really great burgers. Wine lovers will want to take note that they've got a great selection here, including wine flights so you can get a good sampling of all their best choices. Recommended? You bet it is! We love this spot.
103 Michigan Street


Palm's Krystal Bar & Restaurant is one of the more upscale places to dine in Port Huron, with a menu that is nothing short of mouth watering. We really love to order the sweet potato bisque for a truly enticing appetizer, and for our meal we often go for the chicken and fries served in a basket, just the way they used to do it back in the day. The coconut shrimp is a nice choice if you are more in the mood for some tasty seafood! And if you want something in the barbecue vein, try the ribs. They are fantastic. They've got a lot of great drinks here for you to choose from, but we usually stick with the tried and true like a cape cod or a manhattan. Everything's good, and everything is recommended highly by us! A+ and then some!
1535 Pine Grove Avenue


Quay Street Brewing Company has got to be one of our top recommendations for craft brew and microbrewery lovers! We are included in that bunch, so you can trust our recommendation. The house made micro brews are what we'd recommend to you most highly, and they go so well with the bread that they bring you when you come in. For your entree, we recommend the shrimp pizzas, the black bean burgers, and the lamb burgers, as well as the fresh fish and steaks, and the spinach pie too! That spinach pie works well as an entree or even as a dessert depending on your mood. We recommend asking for seating outdoors when the weather is good, but when it's cold outside you'll really enjoy the ambiance inside.
330 Quay Street


When you're in the area early in the day, we recommend Daybreak Cafe for a really tasty breakfast. The chocolate chip pancakes are our favorite indulgent breakfast, especially if you like a little dessert flavor in  your first meal of the day! The cinnamon apple pancakes are also in that same vein, and the pineapple upside down cake pancakes are too! Very delish! If you're not much for sweet breakfasts, opt for the amazing eggs benedict! Some options that are sweet but in a more delicate way are the stuffed french toast with pecans, cream cheese, and confectioners sugar. There are so many great things to choose from here, and we recommend every last one of them to you! Breakfast at its best.
3910 Twenty-Fourth Avenue


Jet's Pizza has always been reliable for great carryout in the Port Huron area. And of course, carryout pizzas are just perfect for party bus travel with Pink Cruiser! When you are traveling on our limo bus, we recommend grabbing a bunch of delicious pizza pies for your friends to enjoy, and make sure to order some extra pizza sauce to dip the crusts in too! It's so good that way. The deep dish sicilian style pizza is our favorite here, and we love to pair it with a delicious salad. Not in the mood for pizza? They have fantastic subs too! And piled high with just as high quality ingredients as they put on the pizzas. We can't say enough about the quality or the great service here. Great staff, tasty food, fantastic pizza!
1345 Twenty-Fourth Avenue


Red Pepper is a Mexican restaurant that we really love, located conveniently on 24th Street right here in Port Huron. They've got Taco Tuesdays, which makes it the best time to come in for a cheap appetite fill-up! And the flavor is really fantastic, these are no dollar priced bar tacos, you can be sure of that! The burritos are the thing that we get time after time, and it's so convenient that they have the salsa in squeeze bottles so you can just put it on your food as liberally or as lightly as you like. What's the coolest thing about this restaurant? They stay open as late as 4:00 AM on the weekends! Now that's what we're talking about! That makes it our favorite after-bar spot. Fill up, sober up, and spice it up! Good stuff.
1735 Twenty-Fourth Street


Nick's Four Roses is a very cool place to stop in Port Huron, because it's one of the newer restaurants, and yet it has an old fashioned diner feel that makes it seem like it's been here forever. You'll feel just that comfortable too. The only possible downside that we can mention is that it's always busy, so you'll sometimes have to wait a bit for a seat. It's worth the wait though, because they serve you such large amounts of food at such low prices! It's unbelievable. The omelettes are our favorite thing on the menu, and we love the hash browns that come with them. Everything is good though, so you can feel comfortable ordering anything on the menu and know that it will be absolutely fantastic. We've tried it all!
1329 Twenty-Fourth Street


We always recommend the Thomas Edison Inn to our customers when they need a place to stay in Port Huron, but for this page, we're talking solely about the wonderful restaurant that's attached. The prices aren't too bad considering the high quality that you receive, and that's especially true when you order something mouth watering and memorable like the rack of lamb. The chowder is a wonderful starter, and particularly when you come in later in the evening you'll really appreciate their wonderful list of wines. It's quite impressive and very well chosen. There's a great view of the St Clair River too, making this one of the most romantic places to dine in the area. Very highly recommended for those special dates!
500 Thomas Edison Parkway

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