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Pink Cruiser is Detroit's one and only pink party bus, and we'd love for you to book our services for your special events in and around the Detroit area! Here are some of our favorite destinations in the Keego Harbor zip code of 48320!


We love the name of Happy You Chinese Restaurant! And if you love Chinese food as much as we do, then you will be plenty happy too, once you give this place a try! The location isn't much to write about, just found within a shopping center, but it's very inviting and we love the fact that you can see them preparing the food. They can't cut corners here because you are a witness to their delicious creations! The orange chicken is our top choice here because of the incredible citrus flavor and the way they cook the chicken to perfection. The hot and sour soup is also really noteworthy, and considering the fact that we've eaten the hot and sour soup at just about every great Chinese restaurant in Michigan, that really says a lot!
2843 Orchard Lake Road


When you're looking for a nice comfortable bar and restaurant in Keego Harbor, one of our highest recommendations would definitely be Jeremy Restaurant & Bar. We've come in here so many times with our family and friends, and every time that we do, we order the calamari appetizer for starters! It's fantastic. The sturgeon with hash is our top choice for an entree, but if you want something a little simpler and more homestyle, the stuffed cabbage is really fantastic. If you enjoy coffee with your meal like we do, you'll be happy to know that they have a great brew here, and they also have a very nice wine selection if you are a bit more of a sommelier! In any case we think you'll be very pleased with all that you find here.
1978 Cass Lake Road


If you asked us to narrow this list down to our absolute favorite place to dine and drink in Keego Harbor, we'd probably tell you that The Lodge Grill & Bar gets our top recommendation. It's a tough pick, but we adore this place. They have one of the nicest and most modern decor schemes that we've seen in a while, especially in this area, and the place is always jumping with happy customers. They've got a video game room to keep the kids busy, and lots of televisions so you won't miss a moment of the game while you're there. The all you can eat crab legs are a huge hit on Thursday nights, so that's the night that we'd most recommend your first visit! Any other day, try their hamburgers or sandwiches, and a beer!
2812 Orchard Lake Road


When our customers inquire about the best steak houses in Keego Harbor, we without fail point them to Harbor Steak House. This is one of the finest restaurants that you will find in the area, and the ambiance is just wonderful. We recommend arriving a bit early and enjoying the bar area while you wait for your table. It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy one of their delicious drinks and get acquainted with your date or chat with your friends. The steaks are our favorite things here of course, but they also have amazing wings, and an array of desserts that will please even the pickiest sweet tooth! When you've got a date in Keego Harbor, this would be our top recommendation. Great for special occasions.
3251 Orchard Lake Road


Another great choice for upscale dining and drinking in Keego Harbor is Modern Food & Spirits. Whenever you have a special date coming up, or a really special occasion, we think this is the perfect choice. Even coming here for lunch any day of the week is just an incredible experience. You really feel like you're treating yourself to something unique. The brunch is one of our favorite times to come in, and our favorite item is actually the raspberry preserves with cocoa nibs. Until you've eaten that on a hot piece of toast, you haven't lived. If you or your friends are vegetarians, they have a huge array of items for you to choose from, and we have enjoyed many of them ourselves though we are not vegetarians! Really great stuff!
1535 Cass Lake Road


When you're traveling on the Pink Cruiser party bus, sometimes a craving for pizza will hit, and if you're in Keego Harbor you'd have a hard time finding something better than our favorite, Hungry Howie's! The staff at this location is always so friendly and happy to take your order, and the pizzas and the ingredients that they're crafted from are just the highest quality possible. We're huge fans of the pizza pies of course, but we also really love the super crisp salads and the incredibly flavorful breadsticks too! When you call, ask about specials and coupons because they're always happy to help you save a few bucks! We'd very highly recommend this pizzeria to you for carryout whenever you're in Keego Harbor!
2170 Cass Lake Road


Did we say that you couldn't do better than Hungry Howie's? Well, you can sure come close. As a matter of fact we'd have a hard time choosing between these two! We love Dolly's Pizza so much. Our favorite thing to order here is the deep dish sicilian pie, and we order extra pizza sauce on the side to dip it in! They have the best sauce in the world as far as we're concerned, delicately sweet and really aromatic. You'll also enjoy their spicy wings here, and they've got just as many flavors of sauce to choose from as that famous buffalo wings chain of restaurants that we all love so much! As a matter of fact, these wings may even be a little bit BETTER than theirs! They're that good. Dolly's comes highly recommended any day of the week!
2855 Orchard Lake Road


Another pizzeria, you say? What can we tell you, Keego Harbor is loaded with great ones. Jet's Pizza has always been one of our favorite places for a delicious deep dish pizza. Jet's of course isn't a dine in restaurant, but it's perfect for party bus travel because you can grab a nice stack of pies for your friends and get going! We are especially fans of the all-corners pizza, which is so crisp and delicious for crust lovers, and we'd also recommend the delicious wings! You can get them with either blue cheese dressing or ranch dressing, and personally we like to get both so there's something for everybody. The staff here is very friendly and the pizza is always served piping hot! Everything is top notch. Highly recommended.
3375 Orchard Lake Road


Everybody loves a good coney island restaurant, and our top pick for a coney island in Keego  Harbor is definitely Julian's. We tend to come here most often for breakfast, because we are really big fans of their delicious omelettes. This is also a wonderful place to go for lunch, especially if you enjoy a large crisp salad like we do. Their sandwiches are also really delicious and generously sized. You'll be really surprised by the low prices here, especially when you consider how much food you get, plus that great service and the sparkling clean atmosphere. These are the kinds of things we really appreciate when dining out, and to have all of that at a simple coney island restaurant is very nice. Low key but wonderful!
2807 Orchard Lake Road


One more pizzeria for the road! This one is a dine-in restaurant, and they've been going strong for more than two decades, maybe even longer. The pizza is what they are best known for, and it is definitely of a higher quality than you will find at the carryout restaurants in town. If you want something that's really mouth wateringly good, we'd highly recommend the manicotti with vodka sauce. That's something we've never been able to resist, and they make it so well here! Note that they don't have all you can eat pasta anymore, but it's still just as good as it was back in the day, just in normal portions! There is no delivery here, but you can take advantage of carryout when you're traveling with Pink Cruiser party bus!
1999 Cass Lake Road

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