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Pink Cruiser's ultra-comfortable pink party bus is just perfect for all types of bachelor parties in Detroit! Our customers represent a rainbow of relationships, from straight couples to gay couples to transgendered couples and everything in between. Many gay men love our party bus for their bachelor parties, but it's equally fun for lesbian bachelorette parties too! No matter how you identify, or even if you avoid labels entirely, you can be sure that when it comes to celebrating prior to your wedding or union ceremony, that Pink Cruiser is the perfect party bus company to suit your needs. Let's talk a bit about our bachelor and bachelor party trips in Detroit, and discuss a few ideas that you may be able to put to use during your big celebration!

Planning the perfect gay bachelor party in Detroit!

Gay couples are trailblazers in the area of bachelor and bachelorette parties and weddings, because for so long they have been excluded from celebrating their love out loud. Though the laws don't always reflect the changing attitudes of our times, LGBT couples are finding ways to celebrate their love here in Michigan regardless. So how do you go about planning your big day? Well, we suggest beginning by taking a look at your favorite things and places to go, and also taking a look at your guest list and thinking of the things that your circle of friends and family will enjoy. There are so many excellent bachelor and bachelorette party destinations in our beautiful city of Detroit, and it's not difficult to think of several exciting options as you think of the people who will be attending. Choose a general theme... spa day, sports outing, bars and restaurants? The possibilities are endless, and can be tailored to your personal tastes and preferences.

Put your plan on paper and then give Pink Cruiser a call!

Once you've got your guest list ready, or at least an approximate number of guests that you expect, as well as a few ideas about the destinations that you would like to visit during your gay bachelor or bachelorette party, all you've got to do to lock down your travel plans is to give Pink Cruiser a call. Our crew is full of experts who know how to choose the perfect bus for your needs, or if you prefer you can actually come down to our lot in person and take a look at the exterior and interior of the buses and choose one for yourself. All you've got to do to lock down the dates of your choice is to make a quick credit card deposit on the phone (we also accept checks and cash in person). The booking process is incredibly simple, and once it's complete you can virtually forget about that part of your party plans! Just leave all the travel concerns up to us!

Ask about our special bachelor and bachelorette packages!

We often offer specially priced packages for bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as for weddings, which include many extra perks such as red carpet service, decorations, signs, bottled water, champagne, and more (please note that all items are subject to availability). We can put together a decor scheme that's perfect for your big day, based on you and your partner's favorite colors, or perhaps a beautiful rainbow theme. Our crew is dedicated to giving you and your partner the perfect travel for a perfect trip, and by communicating your needs and preferences to us, we can ensure that we deliver just that. We look forward to putting together a transportation package for you that will be special, memorable, affordable, and completely personalized!

A few tips on how to save money when booking the Pink Cruiser

Regardless of the type of event that you are hiring us for, whether it's a gay bachelor party, a lesbian bachelorette party, a couples wedding shower, or even the big day itself, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind if you and your partner happen to be budget-conscious. The first way to save money when booking the Pink Cruiser party bus is to plan your event for a weekday between Monday and Thursday. Those are the days when our services are less in demand, and that results in lower prices for you. If you do have to book your event on a weekend, you will find that Fridays are the cheapest option, followed by Sunday, and capped off with Saturday as the most expensive night of the week. This next tip won't save you money, but it will help you to secure the date that you desire! Our busiest times of the year are between late April and early June, and St Patrick's Day and New Year's Eve are also intensely popular. For that reason you will want to book as far in advance as possible for those dates.

We appreciate our LGBT customers so much, and we look forward to hearing from you ASAP to book your Pink Cruiser bus trip!

Our customers in the LGBT community are some of the most loyal that we have ever had. It's been a pleasure to serve their travel needs over the years, and we really look forward to helping make your bachelor or bachelorette party an enormous success! It's so simple to get the ball rolling when it comes to planning your transportation; in fact it's as easy as placing a quick call to our team! You can give us a call at 248-630-5605 to book your bus right now! We'll discuss your desired destinations, the number of guests that you expect, and your personal preferences for decor and other specifics! Ready to book our buses with luxurious leather seating, high tech lighting, flat screen televisions and high quality audio systems? Give us a call now!

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