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Pink Cruiser is Detroit's one and only pink party bus, and we'd love for you to book our services for your special events in and around the Detroit area! Here are some of our favorite destinations in the Detroit zip codes of 48226, 48201, and 48243!


Fishbone's is our top pick for drinking and dining in Detroit! We've always loved all the Cajun and Creole flavors that they offer at this slice of New Orleans, and now they even have sushi for a very trendy touch. It might seem like an odd mix, but the sashimi is incredibly high quality and it's made perfectly. In terms of the entrees, we'd most highly recommend the crawfish etouffe. We've been ordering that for years and we never tire of the incredible flavor! No matter what you order, if you are hot sauce fiend like we are, you will definitely want to take advantage of the tray of hot sauces that they leave on every table for you to enjoy. So many different ones to try, and all so good with seafood! Fishbone's is the best.
400 Monroe Street


When you find yourself in Greektown, there's no doubt that you want to find the very best Greek food around. We have relied on Pegasus for years, and we'd very highly recommend this excellent restaurant and bar to you. We always start off our meal with a nice flaming piece of saganaki, and our typical choice for an entree is the vegetarian trio. The best part of that is the vegetarian moussaka, so sometimes we order that all on its own. If you love spanakopita and dolmas, you'll love them at this restaurant, and you also will want to try their delicious lamb kebabs, and the wonderful calamari that they serve. For dessert, the baklava is our top choice. So flaky and nutty and delicious! Wonderful atmosphere here too.
558 Monroe Street


Roast is one of our newest discoveries in Detroit, a delectable place to go for steaks and seafood, our two favorite things in this world! If you agree with us on that, then you really owe it to yourself to check this place out. The top choice on the menu according to us and all our friends is without a doubt the filet mignon with crab, and for a side you will certainly want to try the fried brussels sprouts. The flavor will really blow your mind. They have incredible pierogies here (we recommend the beef cheek), and the roasted marrow is just incredible. The official "Roast Burger" is a real treat to try too, piled high with toppings including eggs and crispy bacon! That's the kind of flavor that you simply won't find elsewhere!
1128 Washington Avenue


Jazz and blues lovers take note, Cliff Bell's is your signature spot in Detroit! You'll be just as hooked on the food and drinks as you are on the music! Wow. We've been nothing but impressed with everything that they have to offer here, from delicious martinis to incredible entrees. The hot cocoa martini is our top pick for a drink, and for a starter you cannot go wrong with a classic jumbo shrimp cocktail. For your entree, a bibb salad or macaroni and cheese will do you just fine, and no matter what you order we recommend a hearty serving of their french fries. Too delicious. When you've got a special date coming up, or an occasion with good friends, Cliff Bell's is an exquisite place to visit with them!
2030 Park Avenue


Our two top favorite coney islands in Detroit are of course American and Lafayette (the former is listed on the right side of this page if you want to know about that one too!). Lafayette is a real classic, one of the oldest existing restaurants in the city of Detroit, and we just love it here. All your greasy favorites are the stars of the show, from coney dogs to french fries. Just the basics, but all SO good. They have very good coffee here too, and the service is just so blazingly fast that you will be in and out in a flash. There's no flash here, just a great old fashioned meal in a clean and cozy atmosphere, and we really think that you will enjoy it just as much as we always have! Definitely one of our highest recommendations!
118 West Lafayette Boulevard


For a truly upscale steak dinner in Detroit, at the top of the Renaissance Center, no less, you've got to check out Coach Insignia. You will not find a more romantic restaurant in all of Detroit. Begin with a vodka gimlet to set the mood, and then head right into an array of delightful appetizers, entrees, and desserts. We love the lobster corn dogs, and for an entree you can't go wrong with short ribs with chipotle sauce. We love the pappardelle, the mashed potatoes, and the onion rings, and for the piece de resistance, the chocolate torte is the perfect finale to an amazing meal. You won't want to miss this place for the more special occasions in your life. Check out Coach Insignia at the top of the Ren Cen!
200 Renaissance Center


For delicious Mediterranean food with a coney island type feel in Detroit, you can never go wrong with Bucharest Grill. We've been dining here for years whenever we want a low key dining experience that includes some really fantastic food and great service. We love to start off with some of their hummus, which has a delightful citrusy zest to it that we haven't tasted elsewhere. Their garlic sauce is also amazing, really packed with flavor, and completely free even if you want extra! That's always a good thing. If you're not in the mood for Middle Eastern food, you can even just opt for a delicious coney and you'll still leave completely satisfied. Always great service, comfortable atmosphere, and great food!
2040 Park Avenue


There are so many different places within Comerica Park to dine and drink, so when you're there to see the Detroit Tigers play, or to watch the hottest concert of the summer, you definitely don't have to go hungry! There are many hot dog stands scattered throughout the park, as well as roasted peanut stands, Italian beef and sausage stands, nacho stands, and more, plus popular restaurants and lounges like Big League Grill, Brushfire Grill, Hot Fries, Lemons & Ears, Sliders, Asian Tiger, Frozen Daquiris, Mexican food, Little Caesars, and our personal favorite, Sidekicks! Everything from food court style fare to more traditional restaurant type experiences can be found here. Always a great time in Detroit!
2100 Woodward Avenue


As we promised, we're going to tell you about our other favorite coney island in Detroit, American Coney Island! American and Lafayette are side by side, and they really are the perfect neighbors. American is a beloved place to go for us because they've got great coffee, delicious coney dogs, juicy hamburgers, and perfectly greasy fries. It's such a nostagic slice of the past, so delightfully retro, and so fun for your family and friends! Kids especially will love the atmosphere here, and they'll feel like they have stepped back into a different era. You can tell them how your parents or even grandparents used to dine at restaurants like this! And they will of course love all the food, and it's cheap without having to resort to a kids' menu!
115 Michigan Avenue


Those who love a brewski and a great sandwich have got to head over to Foran's Grand Trunk Pub. They've got the best sandwiches in all of Detroit, including reubens that are just so mouth wateringly good, and pulled pork sandwiches that you'll be telling all your friends about! They're really that good! What makes the difference is that they pile up that pulled pork on thick Texas toast instead of ordinary buns, and the coleslaw and cheddar really complement each other so incredibly well. They've got a huge selection of beers to choose from too, and any one of them will pair perfectly with your enormous sandwich. Just ask your server which one they'd recommend to go best with your meal! They always know best.
612 Woodward Avenue

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