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If your life has been touched by breast cancer... whether that means that a loved one has been affected by it, or that you are a surviver yourself, or even that you are simply so emotionally moved by this cancer epidemic that you have become intimately involved in planning breast cancer charity events in the Detroit area, then you will want to consider Pink Cruiser pink party bus transportation for those events. There is no better way to make a statement that you are working hard to make a difference. Imagine pulling up to the event in our pink party bus, with all your friends stepping out in pink too, and heading out on that breast cancer walk or into that high class event in style. A pink party bus makes a big impression and it also lends an air of festivity to events that can sometimes be somber and reflective. When your transportation can provide a bright spot for the day, you really feel that you have contributed something beyond the usual! Our customers enjoy that fact and come back time and time again for our services.

Take all the worry and concern out of your travel plans and let professional chauffeurs treat you to exquisite transportation on gorgeous Pink Cruiser party buses with all the perks you love!

When you're attending a breast cancer charity event, often your mind is so focused on the event and all the planning that's involved, that you really don't have the mental clarity that you need to focus on driving. Why not let yourself completely forget about traffic, parking, and all the other headaches of driving and just let our professional chauffeurs take care of you? As if that's not enough reason to rent services, the comfort of our interiors are a huge attraction, and the beauty of that pink bus pulling up to your event is of course something that all our customers really enjoy. Everyone who is attending with you will appreciate being picked up and dropped off at their homes, especially if they are suffering from breast cancer or if they are a survivor tired from the battle. Even if that survivor feels on top of the world, being picked up in a pink party bus will be a beautiful gift to them and will make them feel very special!

Have a safe haven to return to and relax in during long tiring cancer charity events, especially if you have breast cancer or are a survivor of breast cancer and/or other cancers

In any case, breast cancer charity events are often all-day affairs, and especially if you are particiipating in a walk or run for breast cancer, such as the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure, you will really appreciate having a private space to retreat to whenever you can. Our buses are more than just comfortable, they are plush and inviting. Should you need to rest, there are comfortable leather seats to relax on. Should you need refreshments, there are built-in bars and coolers that you can stock with plenty of water and sports drinks. For those evening black tie charity events, you may want to stock the bar with some of your favorite alcoholic beverages! The choice is yours. In any case, your own private getaway in the midst of chaotic events can be a real blessing.

Bolster support around a friend who is dealing with breast cancer; Have a private party in one our our pretty pink buses!

If you have a friend who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, it's possible that they don't feel well enough to go out and enjoy an evening like they used to. Nonetheless, birthdays come and go, and you want to mark those occasions and show them that they are loved. May we suggest renting a Pink Cruiser party bus? You can enjoy the evening in the comfort of our buses, and if you decide to head out to some of your friend's favorite destinations, you can rely on our professional chauffeurs to get you there. Your friend will enjoy the privacy of the bus, and the ability to control the volume of the music or eliminate it entirely if they need to. Even a survivor of breast cancer may not be up to the traditional partying that they used to do, and this kind of private VIP style getaway on one of our buses can be the solution to all your problems.

Everything you need to know about Pink Cruiser party buses

The features that our customers most often mention as their favorite are the flat screen TVs (who can get enough of those?), the high quality sound systems (so you can hook up your own iPod or play your own CDs and your guests can choose the playlists!), the cozy leather seats (comfort is very important if breast cancer sufferers or survivors are on the guest list!), and the built-in bars with coolers (for bottled water, sports drinks, and even your favorite wines and beers if you so choose). There's no other way to have this much comfort on the road. The only thing that comes close is a traditional limousine, but they're so cramped and difficult to get in and out of. You won't have that problem on a gorgeous, spacious, roomy pink party bus! What could be more perfect?

Booking Pink Cruiser buses for breast cancer charity events

When you've got so much planning to take care of for your Detroit breast cancer charity events, why worry about your transportation? It can be as simple as can be, just by giving us a quick call at 248-630-5605. We can plan the most exquisite night on the town for you, or the most beautiful day in the sun. Visit your charity events, any restaurants and/or bars that you desire, and just about any location in the Metro Detroit area that you can imagine. If you are looking as forward to your trip as we are, then just give us a call and let's start planning the perfect transportation for you!

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