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One of the most exciting events in your life will be your baby shower, and whether it's your first and only, or one of many, you undoubtedly want to make sure that everything is perfect from beginning to end. One of the most important considerations when planning a Detroit baby shower is transportation! You often have friends attending from various areas in the metro Detroit area, and the greatest gift you can give them is to say, "You don't have to worry about gas prices or finding your way to the event, just jump on the bus with everybody else and party all the way there and back!" Of course, if money is a concern for you as it is for most of us in today's economy, your guests can all chip in and get a lot of bang for very little buck! It's up to you.

Some unique and exciting Detroit baby shower ideas

Now that our city is on the upswing again, there are so many beautiful places to visit within our downtown area. Perhaps you'd like to hold your Detroit baby shower at one of our upscale downtown restaurants, or at a location along the beautiful RiverWalk. Maybe you'd like to rent a boat and cruise along the river, or even just stay in our spacious buses the entire time, and party your way up and down Woodward in style! There's more than enough room within our buses to exchange gifts, mix drinks for your guests (and a nice nonalcoholic one for the mommy-to-be of course!), dance and enjoy yourselves, or just chill on our plush leather sofas. You can play your favorite DVDs on our flatscreen TVs or even enjoy live HD television when the bus isn't moving. No matter what your style is, no matter what theme your baby shower is, you can fit in Pink Cruiser party bus travel with the rest of your baby shower plans just perfectly!

Our perhaps a simple old fashioned baby shower at your home?

You might think that Pink Cruiser party bus transportation isn't necessary if you're having your baby shower at home, but on the contrary, a pink party bus is just perfect for picking up all your friends at their homes or places of business before the shower, bringing them all to your home, and then taking them back home or to any other locations they want after the baby shower is over! You don't have to worry about making sure that friends that you don't see as often have the right directions to your house... you don't have to worry about anyone driving home tipsy after the party... you don't have to worry about designated drivers... and best of all your friends and family don't even have to fill up their tanks! It's the nicest way to begin and end a baby shower if you ask us... reliable and safe transportation that's also fun and exciting!

Regardless of your destination, a pink party bus is perfect!

There's something so special about renting a Pink Cruiser pink party bus for your baby shower, especially if you happen to be having a girl! Imagine announcing the sex of your baby to all the guests that way, simply by pulling up to their homes in that bright pink bus! Without speaking a single word, you're telling them that you're having a girl! How wonderful is that? And of course all the guests will love it. Even if you're having a boy, as a woman it's just so much fun to travel in that bright pink party bus, living it up and enjoying this special day where you celebrate the new life that you're about to bring into the world. But it's not just the exterior that's fun -- the interior with LED lighting and/or fiber optic lighting, plus color changing walls and ceilings in some buses, is just too much fun. It really sets the mood and provides a striking atmosphere for your party!

A few of our top choices for baby shower venues in Detroit are...

Renting a Pink Cruiser party bus for yoru Detroit baby shower

We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how simple the rental process actually is. We go through a lot to make sure that the buses are in perfect shape for you, but that's all done behind the scenes. The hard work is on our end, while you just relax and enjoy the fact that your transportation is being taken care of! All you have to do is complete a few simple steps and you'll have secured the bus for your baby shower:

Then just let us choose the perfect bus for your needs, or come down to the lot to choose one for yourself. A quick credit card deposit is all it takes to lock down the bus for the day and/or night of your baby shower. It really is that easy! Are you ready to start planning the baby shower of a lifetime? Give us a call at 248-630-5605!

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