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Pink Cruiser is Detroit's one and only pink party bus, and we'd love for you to book our services for your special events in and around the Detroit area! Here are some of our favorite destinations in the Dearborn zip codes of 48120, 48121, 48123, 48124, 48126, and 48128!


We have spent so many wonderful evenings in a window seat at Kabuki Sushi Restaurant on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn. It's just so relaxing to watch the traffic go by, especially on a rainy night, while you nosh on some of the very best sushi that you will find in the area. The atmosphere is just perfect here, very dim and beautifully decorated in reds and blacks, and the service is on par with the high quality of the food itself! We've never faced a long wait at this restaurant even though they're usually quite busy, and everything is just so delicious. It would be difficult to choose our favorite specialty roll because they have so many and they are so good. The tuna combo is a great cheap lunch too!
22207 Michigan Avenue


You'd never expect that La Pita would be such a charming restaurant, because from the outside it looks like nothing more than a carryout restaurant in a shopping center. It's very nice and comfortable inside, with adequate seating, and plenty of delicious Mediterranean meals to choose from. We love the maqanic that they serve here which is very hard to find elsewhere (it's a very tasty lamb sausage), and we're huge fans of their chicken shawarma and their delicious fattoush. The thing that really stands out in comparison to all the other Mediterranean restaurants in the area (and there are many!) is the garlic sauce. The flavor is just out of this world. You won't find better anywhere else! Try it yourself and see.
22681 Newman Street


Miller Bar is one of the most iconic places in Dearborn, beloved by all, and just such an important part of the city's landscape. We can't imagine the city without it. The hamburgers are what they are known for, of course, and they are sensational. The wait to be seated can be long, so arrive plenty early if you can, and be prepared to let them know whether you'd like to sit on the bar side or the restaurant side (we recommend the bar side for ambiance). It's worth the wait for the taste of those amazing hamburgers, and if you're smart you'll order a few to go as well, because you'll certainly find yourself craving them again later in the evening back at home! Great stiff drinks, never watered down. A+ and then some!
23700 Michigan Avenue


We are enormous fans of the delicious Thai food that is served at Bangkok 96! We love the location slightly off the beaten path, on Telegraph Road just off of Michigan Avenue. You'd be apt to just drive right by without noticing it if we didn't tell you about it, but we really hope that you won't, because it's SO good. The curry dishes with coconut milk are our absolute favorite, and we'd most highly recommend the green curry, the red curry, and the yellow curry with potatoes. So delicious! The barbecued beef salad is also just incredible in terms of flavor, and the tom yum soup is another one of our favorite things to enjoy. Try any one of the appetizers and you'll be very pleased too! Great service and ambiance too!
2450 South Telegraph Road


So many of the restaurants on this list are what we'd call Dearborn classics. Crave, on the other hand, is one of the newer ones in the area, but it's quickly becoming a classic already. The sophisticated elegance of this "sushi lounge" is just superb. We love the white curtains, the low tables, the cozy booths. It's perfect for an impressive date, and comfortable enough for get-togethers with friends. It's quiet enough for intimate conversation, but they play good music too at just the right volume. Try the saketini if you'd like something different, or stick with your favorite Asian beers. They've got them all. The Manhattan Roll and the Lobster Roll are our two top picks from the sushi menu! You'll love them!
22075 Michigan Avenue


Buddy's is one of those classic spots on Michigan Avenue that everybody knows and loves! They've won so many awards over the years for their incredible Sicilian style pizza. Though there are many Buddy's locations in Michigan, the Dearborn one is the one that most of us know most intimately, and we just love it. The fries with ranch and bacon are our favorite appetizer (cheddar cheese too!), and we'd recommend any combination of toppings on their fabulolus pizzas. you really can't go wrong. The sliced tomatoes are an essential, and sprinkling on some crushed red pepper seeds is a must too. When you're getting together with friends or planning a nice yet casual date, Buddy's is the spot that you need to know!
22148 Michigan Avenue


The Biergarten is pretty eclectic, sounding like it would be an authentic German pub, but instead being more of a car themed bar. However, we love this place! It's as lively as it can get, and you will not believe the prices for the food! These are the cheapest hamburgers that you will find in all of Dearborn, and they are rumored to be the best, even above Miller Bar's beloved burgers! We can't pick a favorite, so you'll have to be the judge of that! They play great music in here and there are always lots of people soaking up the sounds and having a great time with their friends and families. No matter what time of day you come in, you'll be treated to the very same great service, time after time. Highly recommended!
22184 Michigan Avenue


O'Sushi would get our award for the highest quality sushi in Dearborn! And believe it or not, this is one of the more low key restaurants in town, with a tiki style ambiance, in an old gelato shop. Really! You'd never expect the food to be this good, or the price to be this right. Our favorite rolls are the ones with the lemon infused mayonnaise, and we also love the classic rolls like the spicy tuna roll, the salmon rolls, and even the California rolls. Everything that they serve here is just a cut above the rest. Also, they have a wide variety of chicken rolls for those who aren't into seafood. Very nice! Delicious miso soup too, fabulous octopus salad and seaweed salad, and delicious hot green tea to enjoy before and during your meal. We love it!
22431 Michigan Avenue


Many have asked us where the best Mediterranean food is in Dearborn, and though some would say La Shish, we would say Cedarland. It's a little bit out of the way, on the east side of Dearborn on Warren Avenue, but you can believe us when we say it's worth the trek. The portions are enormous here, just ridiculously huge (you will need to take some home with you, trust us!). And the quality of the food is just incredible. You have to taste it to believe it. We recommend the barbecued chicken and the chicken shawarma the most, and don't skip their baba ghannouj because it's some of the best we have ever tasted! Exquisite garlic sauce too, and amazing soups. You'll fall in love with the ambiance, the service, and the food. Don't miss it.
13007 West Warren Avenue


Archimedes is the rotating ballroom that you can find at the top of The Hyatt Regency at the Fairlane Center in Dearborn. We've always loved this place, and especially nowadays it's wonderful to rent this space for your private parties! If you haven't been to the top of the Hyatt in a while, it's about time that you check out all the renovation that has taken place. It's just as elegant as ever, with plenty of fabulous upgrades. Beautiful modern and classic decor, and of course that rotating view of the Detroit city lights... what more could you want? Perhaps the convenience of a hotel room right in the building? It doesn't get any better than that, except of course with our party bus travel in the mix too! Archimedes is highly recommended!
600 Town Center Drive @ Fairlane Center

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