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Pink Cruiser is Detroit's one and only pink party bus, and we'd love for you to book our services for your special events in and around the Detroit area! Here are some of our favorite destinations in the Birmingham zip codes of 48009 and 48012!


If you want to try one of the most classic and most beloved hamburger joints in all of Birmingham, MI, then you have got to stop in to Hunter House Hamburgers! If you're a lover of all those little white hamburger restaurants, this is the regal royalty of them all! They've been in business for so many decades now, and we know that they will still be going strong many decades from now too. What we'd recommend the most is that you sit right down and order a delicious hamburger along with a coney and fries. That's the ultimate. And you will really enjoy chatting with the staff here too. We always do. They're so friendly and happy to see all the customers that stream in day after day. When you crave old fashioned charm, Hunter House is it!
35075 Woodward Avenue


We are big fans of Thai food, and we have spent plenty of time scouring the Michigan landscape to find the best of the best when it comes to the flavors of Thailand! Sy Thai has really impressed us with all their amazing dishes, not the least of which is the shrimp chip appetizer. It's so delicious and flavorful for those who love seafood. If you are not that big on seafood, you may want to opt for the chicken fried rice for your main dish, because it's always a safe bet and so tasty! No matter what you order here, the quality is very consistent. The level of spice, however, can be very different every time, so the thing to do is order it less spicy than you'd prefer and then add spice yourself with crushed red pepper! Yum!
315 Hamilton Row


Whenever we are in the Birmingham area for breakfast or lunch, we like to head in to Toast Birmingham for some really fantastic food. The breakfasts are truly our favorite time to come in, because the eggs benedict (which is one of our ultimate favorite dishes anytime anyplace!) is just so fantastic. We love that they serve it on baguettes instead of the standard english muffin. Be sure to order either potatoes or cheese grits with your breakfast too, because both are excellent. If you come in for lunch, we'd recommend any one of their salads, and their steaks are also a really great choice. We're especially big fans of the steaks with pepper and wine sauce. Be sure to give them a try!
203 Pierce Street


The Forest Grill is one of our favorite French restaurants in all of Michigan, let alone here in Birmingham, so needless to say we make it a priority to stop in as often as we can. The honey glazed duck is one of the most delicious dishes you could ever order, and you'll especially enjoy the sweetbread sausage and the foie gras. The veal cheeks are also an amazing choice if you enjoy that. The thing that really makes the biggest difference here is the attention to detail and the amount of time that the chefs spend acquiring the highest quality ingredients for their dishes. They locally source as much as they can, and even when it's not local, you can be sure that it's all the highest quality possible. Just incredible flavors!
735 Forest Avenue


Anybody who can appreciate a great restaurant breakfast will want to check out Original Pancake House on Woodward Avenue in Birmingham! We've been coming here for years, and we always recommend it to everyone we know, because we have always been so pleased with all the food here. The cherry and raspberry crepes are our two favorites, and it's tough to decide between the two! The pancakes are also amazingly fluffy, and the eggs are equally light and delicious. One of their specialties is Eggs Michael and we really enjoy that one very much. No matter what you order here, you can be sure that you'll have an eggs-celent breakfast! And you'll be back time after time, just like us, for more!
33703 South Woodward Avenue


We're big seafood lovers, and as soon as we heard about Streetside Seafood from our friends, we had to head on over there and find out what all the fuss was about. Boy, were we ever glad that we did! The dishes that they create here are just too amazing. The white fish with crab is the top choice as far as we're concerned, and we'd also very highly recommend the salmon with zesty capers. That's the kind of flavor that we can never resist. Their Greek-infused calamari appetizer is the best starter to choose if you ask us, but truly you can't go wrong with anything on the menu. We've even been known to turn entrees into appetizers, especially when dining with large groups! Very highly recommended to you!
273 Pierce Street


Lovers of wine, take note! Tallulah Wine Bar and Bistro is calling your name, and we very highly recommend that you heed that call! We have been taking advantage of all they have to offer here for quite some time now, and it's just incredible. You're not just limited to wine here either, though we think the wine list is incredibly impressive... you will also enjoy their martinis and other cocktails! For your meal we'd highly recommend the tenderloin tips, and the chicken scallopini is also really packed with plenty of juicy flavor. Incredible appetizers, an amazing list of wines and other drinks, and some of the best service that you will find nanywhere in the Birmingham area. What more can we say? This place is top notch!
155 South Bates Street


No matter where you're traveling, you always need to know where the best pub is. When you find yourself in Birmingham, Dick O'Dow's is our top choice for a pub! If you are a lover of Guinness like we are, you will definitely want to stop in and grab a pint on draft! Nothing goes better with that than a delicious portion of macaroni and cheese. It's so rich and hearty. If you're craving amazing seafood, the killybeg mussels are without a doubt our top choice, and you can't go wrong with a hearty bowl of potato leek soup either! If you want something simpler, the sliders are fantastic, and no matter what you get you'll definitely want to enjoy some of that fantastic soda bread. Everybody loves Dick O'Dow's!
160 West Maple Road


Everybody that we know loves Phat Sammich, and we do too. From the name to the sandwiches that they are known for, everything is just too good to be true, and yet it really is that good! The #4 is the favorite of many, being a classic pastrami sandwich, really packed with delicious pastrami and piled high on toasty bread. The #45 is an incredible beef brisket sandwich loaded up with tasty cheese and even cole slaw. Now what could be better than that? No matter what you get, be sure to pair it with some tasty french fries, and you're good. Though the exterior barely advertises the great food that's within, don't walk on by, walk right in and try all the delicious flavors of that they have to offer here! Very highly recommended.
34186 Woodward Avenue


Though everybody, including us, is addicted to that certain coffee shop (you know the one!), when we are in Birmingham we skip the usual place and opt for the one and only Commonwealth! We love the ambiance at this cozy little coffee shop, and the very friendly staff that puts in so much work to make sure that all the customers are happy. We love the lattes here, including the chai lattes, and we have also enjoyed the hot cocoa on many occasions when it's wintery and cold outside. For your lunch you can opt for a fried egg sandwich with guac, and you know you'll feel completely satisfied by something as hearty as that! Be sure to stop in whenever you're in the area next, and you'll be very glad that you did!
300 Hamilton Row

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