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Pink Cruiser is Detroit's one and only pink party bus, and we'd love for you to book our services for your special events in and around the Detroit area! Here are some of our favorites in the Auburn Hills zip codes of 48321 and 48326!


Lelli's has been going strong for as long as we can remember in its various locations here in Michigan, and now that the only one left is here in Auburn Hills, it's just yet another reason (beyond concerts and shopping!) to travel to this area as often as possible! For those high class occasions in life like anniversaries and other celebrations, you can't go wrong with an incredible meal here. The filet mignon is the essential as far as we're concerned, but no matter what you order you're certain to really love the soups, salads, breads, antipasto, pasta, and spumoni that comes with your meal. It's just gorgeous here, and the service is out of this world. You can make a big impression here!
885 North Opdyke Road


You don't have to be a Toby Keith fan, or even be familiar with his iconic song, "I Love This Bar," to appreciate this wonderful establishment at Great Lakes Crossing! The ambiance is pure American bar style at its best, but what sets it apart from other American bars is how huge it is. There's so much room here, even for your biggest events, and even on their busiest nights you never feel crowded in at all. A burger and a beer is the perfect combo here, but if you want something different, you will really love the fried macaroni and cheese. The tortilla soup is a nice international touch, and you can't go wrong with a sandwich for lunch either. Great service, comfortable ambiance... we love this bar!
4000 Baldwin Road @ Great Lakes Crossing


When nothing will satisfy your cravings except Indian food, Rangoli is the place that you've got to try. The flavors here have a distinct Pakistani slant too, so it's the best blend of two amazingly flavorful cuisines. For your private events we'd very highly recommend their party room, and for lunch any day of the week, you won't find a less expensive or more flavorful option than their amazing lunch buffet. So many delish Indian flavors all at one price! You just can't beat that. Whether you're new to Indian cuisine or you've already tried it all, we think you'll be very satisfied with the delicious offerings that they share with their customers here. Be sure to give this restaurant a try next time you're in Auburn Hills!
3055 East Walton Boulevard


It would be impossible to make a list of great restaurants in Auburn Hills without including Buddy's. This pizza restaurant is such a popular choice here in the Detroit area, and no matter which specific locating you are talking about, you can be sure that they have won award after award with their amazing food. The deep dish pizza is simply exquisite, and the salads are just out of this world. The loaded fries with melted cheddar cheese, crisp bacon, and creamy ranch dressing will really knock your socks off. We can't think of a better appetizer than that. Be sure to give this place a try for get togethers with friends, fun dates, and more! Always a great choice for any occasion, or any meal any day of the week!
2612 North Squirrel Road


This restaurant gets very high ranking from us, especially if you happen to have a family with kids. It's such a wonderful thing to see their faces light up with joy when they see the animatronic rainforest animals in the trees, the aquariums full of exotic fish, the alligator in the fountain, and the rain falling from the skies! Of course the gorgeous night sky that you dine under is a nice touch for the adults too, making it instantly romantic for dates! It can be a little loud here with all the water features and the lively conversation taking place at each table, so while it's not our top recommendation for an intimate conversation, it is one of our top picks for an amazingly fun meal with the ones that you love!
4000 Baldwin Road @ Great Lakes Crossing


We've always been fans of Joe's Crab Shack, first because of their wonderfully delicious seafood, and second because of the "theme restaurant" feel that everybody loves so much! It's really great for casual dates with someone that you're just getting to know, or with someone that you've known forever! Either way it's very cozy and relaxed, not pretentious or stuffy. The crab cakes are our favorite thing here, and we also love the dungeness crab as well as the king crab. Wonderful gumbo and lobster bisque too... so many different flavors to please your taste buds. If you love a good stiff drink with your seafood, we think you'll be very satisfied with the alcohol selection here as well. All around a very pleasant place to dine!
4975 South Baldwin Road


Red Ox Tavern is one of those famous spots here in Michigan, and though we don't make it to the Auburn Hills location as often as we get to the other ones, we love this one just as much if not more. The hamburgers just can't be beat, and in fact that's the thing that they are best known for! Other than that we really love their burritos and even that delicious chicken pot pie if we're in that "comfort food" mood. Great chicken wings too! You really can't beat the selection of wines and spirits, and they have a very nice selection of beers too. Always a cozy spot to sit with friends, or even with that special someone to enjoy some fine spirits and some even finer conversation. For lunch, try the Italian panini! You'll absolutely love it. Choice of seating on the bar or restaurant side.
3773 East Walton Boulevard


One of our favorite places to dine when we're shopping at Great Lakes Crossing is Miyako Japanese Steakhouse. We are great lovers of sushi and sahimi, and the most pleasant surprise of all was how high quality the ingredients are here. You wouldn't expect that at a mall location, and yet, it really is that good. The spicy tuna roll is a classic favorite here, and the California cream roll is just too good to believe. If you're not much of a sushi fan, you can always opt for the hibachi style grilled and barbecued items, and if you're in the mood for a little something alcoholic, you cannot go wrong with the plum wine. Very delicious and quenches your thirst at the same time!
4000 Baldwin Road @ Great Lakes Crossing


One of the most beloved bars in Michigan has got to be Bar Louie, and this location in Auburn Hills is certainly no exception. We love the fact that they have something like forty beers on tap, and of course alongside those beers they have amazing bar fare for you to enjoy. The burgers are just fantastic, and you can really fill up on them during one buck burger night. Can't beat that! But it's not just the low prices that have us singing Bar Louie's praises... it's the wonderful service, the comfortable atmosphere, and the reliability of the high quality food and drink that we receive here. This kind of consistency is just too hard to find elsewhere nowadays. Very highly recommended to you and yours, any day of the week!
4390 Baldwin Road


When craving some really fine Mediterranean food in Auburn Hills, look no further than Palm Palace Restaurant on North Squirrel Road. We've been here many times over the years and have always been more than satisfied with the quality of the food. The shish kabobs are our go-to item here, and though it's simple, it really is the best. The ghallaba dishes and the sauteed salmon are very nice choices for an impressive dinner, and for lunch you can't go wrong with a falafel sandwich or any one of the other sandwiches that they offer. Affordable prices, wonderful service, and very nice staff that really goes out of their way to make sure that you have a great meal. Could we recommend this one any more highly? We don't think so!
2065 North Squirrel Road

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